How a Plant-Based Diet is Beneficial For Your Health

How a Plant-Based Diet is Beneficial For Your Health

Plant-based diets have become increasingly popular the last few years. We always knew vegetables were good for us, so why the popularity now? Years of research done to determine if plant-based diets are beneficial, have produced incredible outcomes.

Thanks to extensive research and scientific evidence, many healthcare professionals are now recommending plant-based diets as a way to improve health and potentially reverse illness. Plant-based diets have been widely adopted by people both healthy and unwell due to the body, gut, and overall health benefits. 
Better Nutrition = Better Health = Better Outcomes.    

Here are three benefits to following a plant-based diet:

Benefit #1: Keeping your heart healthy 

Meats and animal products contain high amounts of cholesterol and fat, which build up layers inside your body and cause reduced blood flow.

The combination of many plant-based foods such as vegetables, beans, whole grains, and foods high in omega-3s can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Omega-3s are "essential fatty acids" and are found in many plant-based foods such as nuts, flax, hemp, and algae. Sperri contains both hemp and algal oil to provide heart-healthy ingredients and nutrition benefits.

Dr. Esselstyn completed a study to further understand the link between plant-based nutrition and heart health. The study showed those who followed a plant-based diet while eliminating additional oils saw artery linings quickly healed and lower occurrences of cardiac events.

Benefit #2: Diabetes (type 2) prevention and reversal

Diet and food have a definitive connection to Diabetes (type 2). Whole plant-based foods such as vegetables, legumes, and grains, and other foods high in fibre are shown to help prevent diabetes and lower blood pressure. Cohort studies have found diabetes rates are significantly decreased in those who follow a plant-based diet compared to an omnivorous diet. 

Sugars such corn syrup are widely used in nutritional beverages, which is problematic for diabetics and blood sugar control. Sperri's meal replacement beverages use Canadian maple syrup as a low-glycemic natural alternative.

Benefit #3: Increased fibre intake and enhanced gut health

Interestingly, fibre isn’t found in meat or dairy products and is only found in plants. Dietary fibre is sometimes forgotten about when thinking of your day-to-day diet, but it’s an important nutrient and plays a large role in your body's health. A 2017 study proved fibre is connected to our body’s microbes and ultimately enhances gut health.

Eating Plants = Increased Fibre Intake = Better Gut Health.


It’s good for the planet! Following a plant-based diet helps our environment by using less water, producing less greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing the destruction of our forests and land.

Note: if you follow a completely plant-based diet, it's important to ensure you're getting enough Vitamin D, B12, DHA, and EPA*. Sperri will have appropriate amounts of these.

*DHA is docosahexaenoic acid an Omega 3 fatty acid important for the brain, heart health, and decreased inflammation
 *EPA eicosapentaenoic acid is important for heart health