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The Story of Sperri

The Story of Sperri

What started as searching for and hoping to find a healthy plant-based meal replacement for her patients, Dr. Mary Lynch and co-founder Gregg Curwin have created something incredible and brought their vision of optimal nutrition to life.

Throughout her medical practice, Mary has seen sick patients become sicker while consuming highly processed foods and meal replacements. After visiting and spending some time with a hospitalized patient who wasn't recovering, Mary became concerned the foods being consumed were more hurtful than helpful, and suspected a dairy intolerance. She reached out to the dietitian to ask for a plant-based option to help her patient feel better and get better. 

“When I was told there was not a plant-based option available in Canada, I realized we had to create one”

Mary knew that creating an organic, plant-based meal replacement would help her patients feel better and get better quicker by consuming essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. That’s when she approached experienced entrepreneur, Gregg Curwin.

10 years ago, Gregg watched his mother battle leukemia, watched her consume the incumbent beverages, and watched her get sicker because there was no healthy alternative. After hearing Mary’s story about her patients, seeing her passion, and recognizing the need for Sperri, Gregg was committed. 

“She's purpose driven. She's passionate. Mary really cares about patients. She's very unique in her approach to helping her patients manage pain. Mary was the light bulb, but my mother was the engine.”

Co-Founders Gregg Curwin and Dr. Mary Lynch
Co-Founders Gregg and Mary

Why "Sperri"?


Sperri comes from a place of happiness, purity, and goodness. Last August, Gregg was sitting at his favourite beach on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Watching the tide get lower, enjoying the fresh air, and taking in his surroundings, he realized Sperry's Beach might be the most beautiful place in the world. It's a place of truth and a place of happiness. 

"It's a place where all the mothers bring their kids because the tide goes out and the kids can play and I was literally sitting there thinking there's no better place on earth"


Gregg at Sperry's Beach

"It's just the kind of place that makes you feel happy and good. And we designed Sperri to make people happy, feel good and get better. It’s that simple"

Plant-based nutrition’s time has come. 

With dedication and excitement from Mary, Gregg, and the team, Sperri came to life. We believe everyone deserves high quality, natural, plant-based nutrition to help them get well and stay well, and that proper nutrition is the first step to better health.

Sperri is extremely needed and will enhance the nutrition of both healthy and unhealthy populations. The chance to offer something that affects people's health like this is rare - it's a privilege and a major responsibility

Mary’s passion and Gregg’s adherence has turned into something valuable for all Canadians: thoughtful, quality nutrition. With their leadership, our motivated team continues to grow and work towards Sperri being available for all - because everyone deserves quality nutrition.