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Dr Mary Lynch's Story

Dr Mary Lynch's Story

I am Mary Lynch. I am a physician who has specialized in assisting people living with chronic pain conditions for the last 35 years. My daughter Catherine, whose story you will also read on this website, became quite sick with gastroparesis a few years ago. Even though she had an excellent gastroenterologist, it became clear that conventional medicine could not help her. When she switched to a plant-based diet, she started to get better.

This was my awakening to the benefits of a plant-based diet. I started tuning into the importance of diet in myself, my family, and my patients. I switched to a primarily plant-based diet myself. I read books, took courses, met with fantastic nutrition experts and dietitians. I could see that there was a strong association between diet and inflammation and pain exacerbations in my patients.

There was one patient in particular who changed my life. I consulted to see a woman in her 40s who had been in the hospital for 2 months with abdominal pain and vomiting. She was in a dark room, and she had a feeding tube going through her nose down her throat and IV lines going into her arms. She was very depressed; I think she had given up on life. I glanced at her table and looked at the ingredients in her meal replacement; I concluded that what we were feeding her was probably making her sicker.

I called the dietitian and asked if we could get a plant-based meal replacement, and she said there was no available meal replacement that was plant-based. That was the moment for me. I called Gregg Curwin and said: "Gregg, we have to do something, here is the problem." I think I only had to utter 3 sentences, and Gregg immediately got it; it was at that moment that Sperri was born.