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Jill's Story

Jill's Story

When I made the decision to become a Dietitian, I chose this path to help others live a healthier and happier life through building a positive and enjoyable relationship with food. Through my experience working in acute care facilities, I have experienced the highs and lows of working with sick patients. When patients have a low appetite, are rapidly losing weight and are not eating enough solid foods, meal replacements or supplemental beverages are often recommended, as they are easy to consume and can be calorie dense.

A vivid memory for me was working in acute care and getting a consult for an elderly lady who had a low muscle mass, dementia, becoming quite frail and had a very low intake of solid food. After initial assessment, I ordered her the commonly used meal replacement beverages available at this hospital, hoping she would consume this for additional nutrition. When I followed up with this patient, her daughter, also her caregiver, was there and was not happy. I was told that her mother is already sick and what I was giving her could make her die, with all the processed ingredients and artificial sugars. I told her that products like these were unfortunately all we had available in hospital.

After reviewing the label and ingredients list of all the available products, I found it strange that all products contained milk protein. I also found it upsetting that most products contained corn syrup and sugar, foods that as a new dietitian I tell patients to avoid and now I am providing these ingredients to some of the sickest patients in hospital. As a new dietitian, this did not sit well with me, and I felt I was failing these patients in hospital by not having a healthier product for those in need.

When I met Dr. Mary Lynch and learned that she had many experiences very similar to mine and had the same goals of developing a product to heal patients, I knew I had found a company that had the same morals and goals as I did. As a dietitian, I am extremely excited to see how Sperri can help patients in need. I am eager to see Sperri in hospitals across Canada and become the new go-to product that fellow dietitians can feel good about giving to their patients.