Sperri is the more complete plant-based meal replacement for better nutrition and better health.

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Sperri Vanilla Maple
Sperri Vanilla Maple
  • 100% Organic

    Designed by dietitians and food scientists, Sperri is formulated using absolutely clean and pure ingredients from a wide range of natural and sustainable sources.

  • Plant-Based

    Sperri is 100% plant-based. We use a combination of hemp, moringa, and pea as our protein source, DHA oil for brain health, and Canadian maple syrup as our sweetener.

  • Nutritionally Complete

    Our ingredients are selected by our team of doctors, dietitians, and food scientists to ensure we deliver the highest quality nutrition.

Why We Made Sperri

At the pain clinic where she’s worked for more than thirty years, Dr. Mary Lynch sees firsthand that many people are unaware that the food they are eating is contributing to making them sick. She sees hospital patients who are given meal replacement beverages with high levels of processed added sugars, artificial ingredients, and common allergens such as dairy, soy, and gluten.

Dr. Lynch knew it was critical to develop an organic, plant-based meal replacement in order to provide a healthier option for people who are sick and trying to recover. That’s why she approached Gregg Curwin, a veteran of food-based startups, and together they created Sperri, Canada's first 100% organic, plant-based meal replacement.