Product Information

See below for recommendations on how to use and store Sperri products.

Product Information


For optimal quality, Sperri products are intended to be used at temperatures consistent with room temperature (15ºC – 30ºC) or refrigeration (0ºC – 4ºC) for drinking.

Unopened Sperri products are shelf-stable at room temperature (15ºC – 30ºC) until the date printed on the top of each unit. Do not store at temperatures above 40ºC for more than 2 weeks. If the packaging appears damaged in any way, please do not consume.

Opened Sperri products should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 24 hours.

Heat Exposure:

Heat exposure or mishandling may compromise the nutritional adequacy and quality of all Sperri products. If the product has been exposed to temperatures greater than 40ºC for 2 weeks or the packaging appears damaged, do not consume.

Frozen Product:

Shipping of Sperri products may occasionally be exposed to freezing temperatures due to extreme weather conditions. If you believe your Sperri product has been frozen during the shipping process due to extreme weather, please check for any damage to the packaging. If there is no damage to the packaging, frozen and then thawed Sperri products can still be consumed with no food safety risk. Thawed product may initially appear separated but when shaken should resemble the unfrozen product.

If the product arrives frozen and the packaging appears damaged, or if it still appears separated after thawing and shaking, please contact us.


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